mother - wellness coach - marketing consultant

Woomly’s founder MSc Jimena Tascon, is an Industrial Engineer with 10 years of experience a a marketing manager, coach and yoga instructor. She is also a mother and MSc Digital Marketing from The University of Wales. Jimena found her life balance when she discovered yoga and coaching after feeling the need to change an unhealthy and stressful lifestyle.

Jimena decided to mix both of her passions and create Woomly in 2013. She has been coaching people and brands for more than 8 years. Her vision is to use her creative energy, sensibility and experience to create powerful connections and transformations.

Her yoga journey began in 2008 when she discovered Bikram Yoga after a nasty break-up. Yoga gave her a natural sense of wellness and tranquillity. Then, in 2009, she fell in love with other many different yoga styles. I went on a deep journey, studying both yoga and shamanic journeying in South America.

A stressful corporate life and a time of ill health led me on a spiritual search.I found in yoga a deep connection with myself, creating nurturing self-love and self-care habits that healed me. I transformed my life into a life I truly love!

As I continued practising yoga and following my heart, a positive pattern of joy and wellness emerged. I decided to teach yoga in 2010, after years of being a student and discovering my natural holistic wellbeing. My path has involved extensive studies with brilliant yoga teachers and powerful shamans, many who have had a profound influence on my unique style.

At the time I also discovered holistic coaching and a unique style: fertility yoga. In 2011 after months of practising, detoxifying my body and meditating I was able to conceive Olivia her only daughter. This event changed my life forever. She felt a spiritual encounter with my powerful energy of creation and also discovered muscles and parts of my body I wasn’t even aware of. Having a beautiful, natural and easy 5-hour birth felt like a blessing, a blessing I found through yoga and meditation. I decided I had to share this with other women trying to conceive by teaching and coaching them into a natural fertility journey and a humanised birth.

Then after birth, I studied prenatal & postnatal yoga with several inspiring teachers that saw her through pregnancy, a joyful natural birth, and an amazing postnatal recovery.

Discovering the postnatal recovery period is a lot calmer and healthier with yoga. I wanted to share this with other women and families. In 2013 I trained with Rainbow Kids Yoga and Birthlight along with several inspiring teachers such as Françoise Freedman and Sally Lomas from Birthlight and Gopala from Rainbow Kids Yoga.

I have continued coaching, leading workshops and training with other inspiring teachers in the field. In 2015 I also trained as a Doula with Dr Michel Odent deepening my studies on women’s wellness and baby’s the primal stage.


Holistic coaching is essential to improve our life journey. Besides my personal experience, the suffering of severe inflammation and gastritis for 3 years, my extensive research on the science of nutrition, my work at Mucho (grocery shopping app) for 4 years included creating bespoke meal-plans for brands and individuals. I use all of my knowledge and your likes, dislikes and needs to create healthy, yet realistic, meal plans for you. I love providing nutrition recommendations to my clients as part of my ‘Woomly Well’ coaching program.


I started running a few years ago to improve my health, confront my fears and feel badass. One of my biggest fears is the cold weather. It takes a lot of me to get out of the house during the winter months. As part of my self-love routine, I know I need to go out and move outdoors, be in touch with nature! Since then I’ve created ‘Woomly Runs’ a running group for mums in my area (Victoria Park, London) and I’ve included running as a part of my coaching program. I will train you to run from couch to 10 k and even half marathons.

Do get in touch if you fancy joining ‘Woomly Runs’, Mondays & Fridays 9:15 AM, as it is for FUN (yes ladies it’s FREE!).


  • Struggling to pronounce my name? Jimena is a Spanish name that means the listener if you’ve met me you’ll understand. It’s pronounced ‘Heh-meh-nah’ or ‘Hi-Men - ah’ like the superheroes. Her close friends call her Jime (Heh-meh).

  • I always start my sessions asking ‘how are you today’ and I make space for you to get stuff out of your chest.

  • Some people call me Nina (I prefer Jime or Jimena).

  • Jimena is part of Yoga Alliance UK: providing the highest standards in the teaching of yoga and yoga therapy.

  • Jimena is a yoga therapist with years of experience in women’s health and mindfulness.

  • I’m also an Engineer and an MSc Marketing.

  • I speak fluent English and Spanish. I coach and teach in both languages.

  • I breastfed my daughter, Olivia, for 20 months and can offer lactation consultancy to postnatal mothers.