Woomly comes from ‘womb’, the source of creativity, where we all came from! At Woomly create powerful connections. We love connecting with people, we offer Woomly Well a health and wellness coaching service for individuals and Woomly Brands a powerful marketing service for mindful brands and companies.

Woomly Well has transformed lives around the world; creating mind, body & soul connections and helping people trust their inner wisdom, worldwide.

‘Woomly Well’ coaching program transforms your life into a life you truly LOVE!

We are passionate about empowering people to cultivate loving relationships with themselves and others. At Woomly Well our purpose is to help people connect with their body and feminine energy of creation (aka sexual energy) through coaching, movement, yoga, meditation, spirituality and healthy (still realistic) meal plans.

Woomly takes full shape as a wellness coaching program + brand & comms strategy service in 2013 as leading marketing strategies for lifestyle brand and grocery shopping app Mucho. We not only managed all marketing activities but also create tailored meal plans for clients and amazing partners such as Biona, Rude Health, Pip & Nut and Mr. Organic.


‘Woomly brands’ creates powerful bonds with customers, forging engaged tribes

At Woomly Brands we work with marketing teams and brands to help create powerful connections through branding and communication. We collaborate with and amazing team of creatives to transform brands and communicate clever ideas that inspire action. We share similar values:

  • We are creative, mindful and kind.

  • We focus on growth and trust.

  • We understand your problems and communication challenges.

  • We take time to research trends and markets.

  • We connect with your brand and customer.

We are marketing consultants, strategists, managers and implementers. Our 10 year marketing experience in editorial, digital, project management, branding and event marketing management give us a broad angle to boost your brand value. We specialise in solving communication challenges in order to create clear and engaging brand message, social media strategies that inspire call to action and eye-catching content that customers wont resist.