Jimena has been coaching, running workshops, trainings and courses for more than 8 years. She founded Woomly in 2013 with the vision of using her feminine energy, her spiritual and physical experiences to transform lives, and to help individuals connect mind, body and soul to their inner wisdom worldwide.

She is passionate about empowering people to cultivate loving relationships with themselves and others. After conceiving her first child and having a spiritual realisation, her life purpose became helping people connect with their body and feminine energy of creation (aka sexual energy).

Woomly took full shape as a wellness coaching program in 2013, a year after becoming a mother, tailoring her family’s diet into an organic balanced and yet realistic diet and teaching many private classes yoga classes and courses in London. Jimena was working at the time as the Marketing Director for Mucho app and a part-time yoga teacher. At Mucho she also created tailored meal plans for clients and amazing brands such as Biona, Rude Health, Pip & Nut and Mr. Organic.


‘Woomly Well’ coaching program transforms your life into a life you truly LOVE!

Our program i’s based on:

★ Wellness Coaching

★ Yoga, Breath Work, Yoga Theory, Spirituality & Meditation

★ Shamanic Journeying

★ Mindfulness

★ Gratefulness

★ Intentions, Visualisation and Manifestation

★ Yoga Nidra: The Sleeping Meditation

★ Journaling

★ Fitness & Running

★ Introduction to Crystals, Oils & other Holistic Therapies.

If you’re ready to level up your self-care & self-love game, discover your inner wisdom, and accept yourself as "enough", then ‘Woomly Well’ is for you.