Let it flow

wellness - love - creativity

wellness starts within

When you are connected mind, body & soul you feel well and creative. Everything around you flows!


this is woomly

We are a different type of wellness coaching, we take you on a deep spiritual journey of self-love, movement, energy cleansing, cycle awareness and transformation.

Our wellness Story


At Woomly we offer a different type of wellness coaching, our program will take you on a deep spiritual journey of self-love, positive movement, cycle awareness and finding your own personal balance.

You will feel empowered to trust and nurture your body daily: through a yoga class, a meal, a run, a dance, self-massage, journaling, tracking your menstrual cycle or having hot sex with yourself or your partner.

Our philosophy centres around helping people connect their mind, body & soul to their creative Feminine energy. By the end of our Woomly Well, Woomly Creative or Woomly Fertility programs you will own a very personal practice of self-love, cycle awareness, creativity and manifestation.

Most of our clients are women, but we also coach men, non-binary and anyone that is looking for a mind-body-soul connection.


connect to your body’s wisdom and materialise a life you truly love


Work with me as a coach to create a life you truly LOVE.

Tab into your feminine energy and live a life filled with love, growth and wellness.


Book a private one-to-one or a corporate yoga session.

Join my workshops, courses and classes. Connect to your body’s wisdom.


Quiero que trabajemos juntas en crear la vida que sueñas y ames!

Te voy a apoyar en tu proceso de vida, a través de tu energía femenina y creativa!