Fertility yoga

Fertility Yoga is for women looking to conceive, or on those undergoing fertility treatments or IVF, also for women who have just conceived (0-14 weeks of pregnancy) and for all of those women who want to keep their womb fertile and alive.


1-1 Online Fertility Yoga & Coaching

Our online session provide a time of reflection and calm from where ever you are. We are aware doctors have recommended to avoid exercise. Fertility Yoga is the type of movement that will nurture your reproductive organs and your fertility journey.

Free 30 Minute Trial Session.

We can meet on Skype, Google Hangouts, Zoom or Appear.in

One session £75 GBK = $100 USD or join Woomly Well Fertility Coaching program.


Private 1-1 Fertility Yoga at Home

London (UK)

Fertility Yoga acts to naturally stimulate ovarian function and enhance womb ecology, i.e. the creation of an optimal womb environment. A variety of body, mind and spirit resources are drawn from yoga to help women cope with the stress associated with uncertainties around this time and to increase the ability to self-nurture in preparation for motherhood. We will create a relaxing and nurturing environment to promote fertility and a healthy balance in the entire body. Or join Woomly Creative Fertility Coaching program.


Fertility Yoga Semi-Private Group

London (UK)

This semi-private sessions includes a weekly low impact fertility yoga sequence. It helps releasing blockages, letting go of traumas in a safe space where you will be able to talk and release fears about your fertility journey. Each week you will release stress. At the end of the course you will feel more connected with your feminine energy and cycles. It takes place near London Fields (E3) every at Wednesday 7:30 PM.

Woomly tailored a program for me which followed my cycle and fertility journey. Throughout the years we have done fertility, pregnancy, and post-natal yoga and coaching; all being very beneficial to my wellbeing and success in my journey to build a family with two kids! The sessions with Jimena always fill me with joy and new energy. I feel calm, empowered and satisfied for nurturing my female body!
— Theodora