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Exhale Festival - FEMALE CREATIVITY: Power-up your creativity by tuning in your female cycles.

  • Exhale Festival Sussex, uk West Sussex United Kingdom (map)

FEMALE CREATIVITY: Power-up your creativity by tuning in your female cycles.

Ladies, did you know that there is a day in your cycle where you can begin a powerful creative process? By exploring our female cycle we’ll tune into our body’s wisdom to connect with and be guided by our bodies. If you feel there is a part of your cycle where you feel out of balance, where you are not yourself if you think you are procrastinating and feel a need to be more creative this workshop of for you.

  • Connect to your female energy and the seasons in your cycle.

  • Discover how your creativity is connected menstrual cycle and gain knowledge of how to use your cycle to instigate and boost creativity.

  • Connect with your body and become more productive.

  • We’ll also work on letting go of old patterns and welcome new creations.

  • We’ll visualise and materialise our creations and work with movement to unleash the energy of creation. 

You will leave the workshop feeling you have the power to listen to the cycles of your body and become your own coach. Women with irregular or no menstrual cycle can be part of this workshop.


MSc Jimena Tascon is an experienced women's health coach and yoga teacher. She is also a mother, an Industrial Engineer and an MSc Digital Marketing from The University of Wales. Jimena found her life balance when she discovered yoga and trained as a coach, she strongly felt the need to to change an unhealthy and stressful lifestyle. Jimena decided to mix her passion for women’s health and creativity to build her brand @Woomly in 2013. She has been coaching women, families and brands for more than 8 years. Her vision is to use her creative energy, menstrual cycle, sensibility and experience to create powerful connections and transformation.